Outlook 2016 Automation

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We’ve been playing with a thought of automating email archiving from Outlook to our DMS (M-Files), and the easiest way to do so for us would be to automate the actual Outlook 2016 desktop application that contains a plugin that can archive each email with a click of a button. However, when we tried and checked how Outlook 2016 works with UiPath we found out that UiPath recorder is unable to see individual emails in the inbox (see below image).

I was just wondering if anyone here has ever tried automating Outlook this was and has found a way around this other than getting outlook mails and downloading them in .eml format?


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we have activity like GET OUTLOOK MAIL activity to fetch the outlook mails and then save the attachment with SAVE ATTACHMENT activity
but that doesnt come while recording
kindly try using those activities from activity panel
for more details

Cheers @JanKucera

Hi there @Palaniyappan !

Thanks for the prompt response. I’m aware that it is possible to use Get Outlook Mail Messages and Save them down using Save Mail Message (see the last sentence below the image in my initial post), but that doesn’t allow me to use the Outlook plugin that sends the mail straight to the DMS, which is why I’m asking if there’s any other way around this :slight_smile:


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I hope we dont have a specific activity to do that
but if possible can we configure the outlook through EXCHANGE if so we can use GET EXCHANGE MAIL ACTIVITY