Error in 'Get Outlook Mail Message'

I’m basically wondering if there’s a way to scan through emails using the Get Outlook Mail Message feature in UiPath. I’ve had a play around and figured out how to output how many unread messages there are in x amount of emails in my inbox. However, my aim is to scan through x amount of emails and download an attachment if there is one, is this possible? Is it possible for UiPath to even read your emails and output them as a string or the email subject etc? Thanks in advance.

You can refer this

Hi, I’ve looked over this initially and based my robot off of it but it didn’t really help. It doesn’t output how I’d want it to either

@jackcawthra Please check below thread.

  • Get outlook messages to mailmessage list

  • For each loop through mailmessage list

    • item.subject-- will give you the subject of mail

    • use Save attchement activity by passing item in properties - will save the attachment,

You can refer this

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