Orchestrator webhook not sending Notification to Microsoft team channel

Orchestrator webhook not sending Notification to Microsoft team channel

  1. i created teams channel and connected to incoming webhook and added that url Orchestrator
  2. i don’t wont user Power Automate and uipth studio in midle sent http request (becouse i tried both its working fine for me )
  3. i need to send direct notification to teams channel , if any one know how to do please suggest me

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There are so many references on this
Try whichever is feasible for you

Video reference

UiPath marketplace

LinkedIn post reference

Have a view on this post for send notification to teams from UiPath via web hooks

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thanks for Response , above video and documents to send the notification there are using Power Automate in middle , i wont know is there any possible to do this oprations without power automate

Did you already try doing this, and if so did you get some error? I think you might be able to do it without Power Automate, however I’m not sure how the messages would be formatted in Teams as the payloads are in json format.


Thank you so much for your response, i would like to know on whether something can be done without power automate as i have already added teams webhook to UiPath Orchestrator & enabled incoming webhook.

If anyone are aware on its configured from Orchestrator to Teams Messages? Pls As i feel Orchestrator doestnt need HTTP connection again from power Automate we have enabled it in Cloud Orchestrator

This doesn’t use power automate
It’s a UiPath marketplace component that u can use

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That component is used for sending a message with by a workflow, not Orchestrator outgoing webhook to Teams incoming webhook, as I assume the OP wants.


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First of all for a webhook to work there needs to be a listner …and teams might not work as a listner…as it cannot accept incoming api requests and process them…you need to use a power automate which can listen to the event and then perform a send teams message…becasue teams accept a send call api to get a message and I believe you would have used a teams channel url alone link your webhook to teams channel…which only just sends request to teams channel but to post a message there is no call of message api that is being made

One way you can try is to find a way to link the message api of teams directly to webhook but again to process that info you need a middleware as I am aware of

Hoep this clears


The Teams incoming webhook is the listener.

You might need something in the middle (like Power Automate), to transform the json from UiPath webhook output to Teams incoming webhook expected message json format.


What i meant was teams directly cannot work as listner because it does not process and a middle ware is needed