Microsoft Teams Webhook Connector

Has anyone been able to get the webhook into a teams channel to work? I have setup an incoming webhook on my teams channel, copied that into Orchestrator, but no messages are sent.

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I am facing the same issue. Anyone got it working?

Hi All,

UiPath Webhook sends http calls in the format described here. and Microsoft Team Webhook connector needs to be in the format described here.

I manage to utilise Power Automate to provide a webhook endpoint and use the out of the box action to post a message in Microsoft Teams. In short there steps are;

  1. Create an Instant flow and select trigger flow “When an HTTP request is received”
  2. Click Use a sample payload to generate schema.
  3. Copy and Paste one of the json examples in UiPath documention.
  4. Add a “Post a message” action and format the message to your requirement.
  5. After save, go back to the trigger and copy the HTTP POST URL and paste in Orchestrator webhook section.

Because UiPath uses different format for each alert type, you’d have to repeat the above per alert type. I only care about faults so I created 3 flows.
Maybe there is a UiPath base solution someone can chime in.

In this video you will see how Use Orchestrator Webhooks in Power Automate to call MS teams:

Cristian Negulescu