Orchestrator Units

The concept of Units in Orchestrator is great, but needs enhancement.

When any user is configured with access to more than one unit, the user should be able to see all robots, schedules, jobs, assets, etc. associated with ALL of his/her authorized units on a SINGLE SCREEN; he/she should NOT have to keep changing the the unit dropdown at the top of the screen.

In this way, business users can more easily navigate between multiple authorized units, and technical staff, who may have access to ALL of the units, can easily see a complete picture of the status of ALL the robots and other items without having to view them unit by unit.

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Agreed. I haven’t seen too many clients utilising Org Units that effectively. There doesn’t seem to be a massive need to separate Finance, HR functions etc but this may change as more clients start to operate on a greater scale.

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I hope so… I know the UiPath team said in their documentation this was “new functionality” and likely therefore would be enhanced going forward, so I’m hoping this might be one of the things they look at.

To implement it the way it is certainly works, but it’s a little cumbersome for users with access to multiple units… and the way it’s implemented, it’s not really that much different than setting up individual tenant IDs.

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comments here indicate clients not utilizing, i would venture to say if they were aware this is how to get robot level alerts that conceivably need to be separated it will become more widely adopted. I would like to add to the wish list - I am using APU to communicate and from my research it says I need to use the organizational unit id that being the case how about I don’t have to work so hard to get it.

I would also like this functionality. I am an admin for our UiPath, which currently has around 15 organizational units set up. I would love to set up an “All Units” unit that allows me to add/see all robots at once.

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Hi @tclukay

Please let us know if the newly added Folders fulfil your requirements :slight_smile: