Orchestrator Tenants And Usage

Hi community!

I have a quick question regarding the concept of tenants and how they should be used. Currently, this I plan to have.

2 Environments - 1 for Non-Production and 1 for Prod. Each Env will have their own orchestrator.

Now, for the Non-Prod env orchestrator, I am thinking along the line of having 2 tenants - 1 for SIT and 1 for UAT for testing purposes. However, an issue may arise from this setup as it will mean that orchestrator components such as (package / configs / logs etc.) will be isolated / separated from the other tenant (https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/about-tenants). This may be disruptive as a recreation of the components will need to be done again.

Hence, the question is, will it be possible to sync these components across the tenants (package / configs / logs etc.)? Or is it not possible at all?

Thanks for the help!


The idea of tenants is to have independent robots, machines and all other services w.r.t other tenants.
I don’t think we have sync feature between two two tenants.

Karthik Byggari

hi @robot_learner
while agree with @KarthikByggari
there are few solution you can assign to your project

there are anther 2 option also available
1.Organization Units

2. Folder structure