Same Robot machine in multiple OU's

Hi All ,

Kindly help me in understanding below point from the image below.

Reference :

The Machine itself I believe can be share by multiple organizations, but the robot accounts belong to a single organization unit and cannot be transferred. If you wanted to move a robot you would have to delete it from one organization and then create it in another.

Robots belong to a single organization to avoid issues, such as both organizations trying to run jobs on the robot at the same time, differences in processes, etc.

I would also note in 2019.10.1 the organization unit feature has be improved to a folder access structure.

Usecase below :

ROBOT VDi belong to multiple OU’s having the same persistent machine which has all dependent applications installed. Wanted to run multiple processes from other OU’s in that machine itself. This needs registering and unregistering the machines from OU’s? is there a way we can maintain machines in a common place by not considering OU’s ?

Thanks for your explanation @zwils0