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In orchestrator setting how change the machine name…? Actually My machine name is tej-PC but in uipath robot --Ochestrator settings it shows different machine name like TEJ-PC… it doesn’t connect the uipath studio… i am unable to run the task in orchestrator it shows an error like machine name different… plz anyone help me… i am stck in this concept…


Hey, in run cmd type as hostname, u’ll get ur machine name

Whatever u got ur machine name create the new one machine name, start working
Hope it will work

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@sudhasagar I tried this method… still i face this issue

Ok, Check the username and try to re-publish the workflow, so that the uipath robot will be updated.
send the screen shot of the error

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I don’t think that will cause you any problems.
Do you have any exceptions?


As you can see I also have the same thing but the connection is successful

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@srdjan.suc Thanks i got it…

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No prob.
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