The job is not starting on orchestrator

Hello !

I created a new robot and a new process on orchestrator. The environment and the machine are also chosen but the issue is that when I create a job to run this process, it’s not working and the job doesn’t show information about the machine.

What did I do wrong ?

Please give me some advice if you know it.
Thanks guys :

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Hi @WilliamC

Can you try to reconfigure the robot and machine setup in orchestrator and check the jobs the vde name shows or not

Thank for your reply.

Indeed, I configured and checked again the machine and the robot, it seems that it is well configured.

I don’t really understand the issue.

Please help me , it is quite urgent!


If you try to run the jobs it’s throw an any error in job details.

Hi @WilliamC

Is the job stuck at pending state?

If so, this is because from 20.3 you can no longer schedule processes from Orchestator on robots of type Studio. To fix it, you should change the license type for your robot to Unattended (you get 1 unattended license with the community version)


Hello thank for answering.

Actually I can run jobs with another robot but I can’t with this one, and I guess there is something to do with the machine or environment…

Really ? if robot type studio can’t be used to run scheduled jobs, what type should I choose if it is a attended process?

Thank you!

The thing is, attended processes cannot be scheduled from Orchestrator by design. Only unattended allow for that.

Important . Starting with this version, you will not be able anymore to start a process from Orchestrator on a Robot of type Studio. In order to start processes from Orchestrator, you should use an Unattended Robot. Each Community account has 1 Unattended Robot included.

Reference where this was announced

As loginerror mentions this is for Orchestrator. Using Agent Desktop / UiPath Assistance, you can schedule locally.


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