Orchestrator Robot Type: Attended (RPA developer Pro) Problem

Hello, i actually have two “RPA Developer Pro - Named User” licenses (used 0). This is shown me at the Ochestrator → Tenant → Licenses menu.
But if i want to create a Robot with type : Attended (RPA developer Pro), it shows me the error: No more RPA-Developer Pro roots avaible.
Because i cant create this Robot, i cant use my UiPathStudio.

As you have self explained, you have named user licenses
You need to make sure, you try to utilize via users defined on orchestrator.

Under Tenant → Go To users → add user, it will be populated by users → Under Attended Robot

Thanks for the Answer!
i firstly edit the license allocation from 0 to 2. that was my first problem :sweat_smile:
then i did as you say, and it works fine.
Thank you for your help :+1:

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