License attended Robot


I need to purchase a license for the following configuration:
1 attended robot
1 studio

Based on the components in the price list, what should I request?

  • 1 attended robot?
  • 1 UiPath - RPADeveloper - Named User ?

I didn’t understand if the RPA Developer already includes a robot



Check below for you reference

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but i don’t have orchestrator


Usually there are two type of licenses for attended robot

  1. Named user
  2. Multi user

So for the Named user, you can’t run multiple Robots simultaneously

Multiuser license that helps users that work in shifts, as licenses are consumed only when you actually want to use a Robot.

According to this you can request your license

More Info

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You can contact

Also: Zoom International Dial-in Numbers - Zoom

She will tell you everything you need to kow.