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I am currently setting up Orchestrator at a client. They purchased 5 Licenses for unattended bots. We have more than 5 processes that we want to take live (not all need to be online 24/7). These processes need to be run with different user accounts in regard to authorization.

So for example:
Process A with User Account 1.
Process B with User Account 2.
Process C with User Account 3.
Process D with User Account 4.
Process E with User Account 5.
Process F with User Account 6.

As I declare the user accounts by creating the robots and not the processes, this would normally take 6 Licenses because I need to declare 6 Robots, even though I want to start Process A and B daily for just 4 hours each.

I heard from a colleague that with the new licensing, it should be possible to set this up with 5 Licenses - unfortunately he does not know how and I did not find any information on this. Is this possible without changing the user accounts in the robot daily?

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Hi @asuckow

A detailed description of the license model can be found here:

In your situation, I would look at the chapters about Concurrent Runtime

And this bit:

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Thank you for the useful reply! How can I allocate the number of runtimes on Orchestrator 2018.1?

In theory you can actually set that with 1 license. The unattended license is per machine(runtime) and is independent of the user account.

If you’re running Windows Workstation there is no need to set anything. Runtime is 1 per machine (by default).

In case anyone makes the same mistake I did: Of course the Robot ID has to be the same for the second Robot.

Other than that, it works like badita said. (Thank you!)

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