1 License - 4 Folders

Please advise the best license usage following setup

Existing Setup:

  • 4 Classic Folders (former Organization Unit)
  • Every folder has the same processes, but each process uses different assets which are Folder specific

Request: I want to have a minimal number of licenses in order to run jobs sequentially for each folder. For example, robots in all Folders are triggered simultaneously by schedule, and a robot in Folder1 activates a license and run a job while the other three robots are in a pending state waiting for a free license. Once Robot in Folder1 has finished – robot in Folder2 activates a license and starts a job. And so on.

Is it even possible to create more robots in Orchestrator than a number of purchased licenses (create 1 robot in each folder (in total 4 robots) with 1 Unattended concurrent runtime license)?


I have this same problem did you ever fixed it?

@rpena it wasn’t really something to fix but with trial-and-error, we understood that

  1. we can create any number of robots per Folder in orchestrator.
  2. the number of licenses you have = number of active Jobs can be executed simultaneously

hi @VRish
yes you can create any number of the robot but your robot will license only that how much you have purchased

according to your use case seems like you are utilizing 1 robot for the recent 4 folders right.
so I hope there is no purpose to do like that , you can keep the robot on whatever and pass the all process into that one robot.

Hi @VRish and @rpena
If you are either on UiPath Automation Cloud or using an on-prem Orchestrator version 20.4 or 20.10, then make use of Modern Folders instead of Classic Folders.

You can refer to a post I made previously to see if my suggestion would help you.

Is there a way to do this in classic folders? Our programs use action center which is not compatible with modern folders right? Also subfoldesr are not available in classic folders.



Hi @rpena
Yes, you could create 4 Robot definitions which each Robot belonging to a different Classic folder. All 4 Robots are tied to the same Machine and you specify that the machine has an allocation of 1 Runtime. This way, you are only consuming 1 license and you can run one concurrent process at a time.


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