1 License - 4 Folders

Please advise the best license usage following setup

Existing Setup:

  • 4 Classic Folders (former Organization Unit)
  • Every folder has the same processes, but each process uses different assets which are Folder specific

Request: I want to have a minimal number of licenses in order to run jobs sequentially for each folder. For example, robots in all Folders are triggered simultaneously by schedule, and a robot in Folder1 activates a license and run a job while the other three robots are in a pending state waiting for a free license. Once Robot in Folder1 has finished – robot in Folder2 activates a license and starts a job. And so on.

Is it even possible to create more robots in Orchestrator than a number of purchased licenses (create 1 robot in each folder (in total 4 robots) with 1 Unattended concurrent runtime license)?