Orchestrator - Robot login Credentials


We have 5 Robots connected to 5 VDI’s and sometimes the Robots login credentials(only User Name) are going in Upper case even though we have defined in lower case in orchestrator. Due to this behavior, our BOT’s can able to login VDI but unable to login to Application because application login is mapped with SSO and username is case sensitive.
Ex: domain\rpa_01. - Sometimes it goes like DOMAIN\RPA_01.


usually this wont happen buddy, may i know how you are validating that the orchestrator has entered the username as such
Cheers @senthilngt

Yes I too agree. But this is the issue currently we are facing and we have validated the User Name in the VDI’s Properties which are getting displayed in VDI Desktop Screen ( as per company policy they’re displaying VDI properties like user name, resolution and other details in Desktop) @Palaniyappan

can i have that screenshot if possible and also the one mentioned in orchestrator
Cheers @senthilngt

nope, I can’t share those details outside my official network. @Palaniyappan. But I have validated thoroughly and if you can able to through any light on Robot Sessions then I feel it may help. Ex - How the Robots are RDP into VDI and how the session is created. What will happen if already a session is created and it’s not signed-out ( someone manually logged in those VDI and Closed the window)?

if someone have logged in while the bot is trying to log in, then that user will be logged out and then the bot will login to the same server
or if the bot is running in a VDI and if suddenly we are logging in, yes of course we can login and unless we dont click on any elements in server with mouse or keyboard, its fine
else might disturb the bot execution

Cheers @senthilngt

Yes, I too agree and align with you. Do you have any idea how the new session will be created? What will happen if already a session is present will it use the same session or it will over right.

I want to know how the ROBOTS are RDPing into VDI? and how the sessions are managed in VDI’s. @Palaniyappan

Its more like how we human do, ie., if i have logged in to a server and suddenly you are logging to the same server with same credentials, then the server will get logged out in my system and you will be able to see the place where i was left while getting logged out

same applies with robot as well, it will create a new session, rather will login to the session as you did when i was logged in and continue with the same

Cheers @senthilngt

I am also with the same understanding. But when BOT’s are RDPing I want to know how the session info like environmental variables are created.When we are manually RDPing then we are typing the credentials but BOT RDP is a background process and we dont know exactly what is happening. @Palaniyappan

FYI - this issue is not happing regularly but occurs twice or thrice per day.