Cloud orchestrator sending credentials in upper case

we are using uipath cloud orchestrator and the credentials are stored within the orchestrator database (user id in lower case). The robot machines are signed in using the credentials stored in orchestrator, Issue what we are facing here is, BOT takes the credentials and converts in to Upper case to login to the credentials (Not sure why), The application which is inside the machine is case sensitive and it is throwing application exception when the bot uses upper case to login through SSO.

We don’t have the option to login through the credentials as it takes the machines windows credentials (which is in uppercase). We got to get the response from UiPath that, the session will always send Upper case only, But our application will not accept the upper case. Any solution for this?

you are using the get credentials activity for this?
If this is the behavior from that activity → you can consider upgrading the package. Also if this is in enterprise, suggest you to raise a ticket to Technical Support Team, there might be something wrong (may be)

are the credentials entered by the robot are of the Windows Credentials Manager?

If so then you should check the asset name in orchestrator.

if you use the get Credentials activity, then robot first tries to take that from orchestrator and if not found then checks in Windows Credentials Manager.

Check in a separate workflow with updated package for credential activity and have the same name of asset as used in the workflow

@rahulsharma : BOT doesnt use any credentials activity, the packages resides in the BOT machines (VDI) and when particular BOT is kickstarted, the Robot is triggered to open an application. The application inturn uses the SSO.

when the bot is kickstarted from orchestrator, the robot session pulls the user id of that windows in upper case. Not sure how this functionality works, but wanted to know more on how the robot session works? why it is pulling the credentials with upper case (as the robots details are stored in lower cases only in orchestrator). Any thoughts?

That’s weird

suggest you to take this to the technical support team of UiPath.

The credentials are fetched as it is stored


Did we try configuring the application itself for auto login with windows credential
Is there any other way to access the application like API instead on UI interaction

Cheers @Pradeep.Robot

Yes, with the technical support- we have received the response that > the sessions will convert to upper case (its cloud uipath), may be it might not be the case when its on-prem or something.

No way for API, but BOT logs in with the interactive method only (UI). When the application is opened through the bot, it never asks for log on info. It picks up with the SSO (with which the robot session triggered as upper case) and opens up automatically with the upper case. Since the application is case sensitive, the SSO login is getting failed as its in upper case.