Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password

Hello Forum,

I am struggling with this error while starting the job from the Orchestrator. I’ve gone through every similar thread in the forum but couldn’t find out a fix. Running UiPath 2018.2.3.

I’ve setup a second HDS server, Robot and Orchestrator are connected and licensed fine, login to console = false, Robot credentials working fine as well (am able to login to the HDS manually), Robot provisioned and available on the Orchestrator.

The same bot I am trying to test is also assigned to the other VM and run properly.

If someone has any clue it’d be highly appreciated.

Many thanks,

This error occur when password for the machine or VM is incorrect .

Thanks for your reply but user/password are correct! I’ve checked many times already.

Where you have checked?

Orchestrator Robot Description domain\username + password fields

I hope you have entered the username in domain/username format !!
Usually this error occur because of “domain/username” format issue or due to incorrect or expired password updation .
If these two things are followed correctly , than I will check for other reasons and will let u know

Yes, both are followed correctly! I do appreciate your help.


Robot will be in availabe status even if credentials are given incorrect.

Try this- Delete the password and give the same password again.

Done! Same error.

Confirm either password is passing correctly or not, extra spaces can be rented by trim,
When you debug is the values are passed properly??

Hi, thank you very much for your assistance and really sorry for not reply sooner. The issue is fixed now and it was caused by bot privileges into the RDS server - Log on as a batch job and and Allow log on locally to Remote Desktop Users.