Orchestrator & Robot / License Related

Need assistance for below -
Client exploring to deploy Unattended Robots in their Ecosystem (Client Environment, Partner’s Environment (Not in client IT network) etc.)

  1. How communication will happen between Orchestrator and Robot deployed on Partner machine (Not in the same Network/Dyanamic IP)?
  2. License Related - How Robot licensing will work? Do we need 1 unattended license for each partner workstation? or Can 1 unattended Robot execute processes on multiple partner system if Job schedule sequentially?


  1. We have Orchestrator CE which is using bots from totally different networks. The robot service will open a https connection and authenticate so the IP does not matter.

  2. You need one license for each workstation that is up and connected to the server - https://robot.uipath.com/docs/about-licensing#section-concurrent-runtime. Otherwise said for each “available execution slot”. You may turn off partner machine A and turn-on partner machineB and it will take one license.