Uipath robot only started at this computer

hello friends, I have a robot that should be used at 5 different workstations every day, do I have to buy a 5 license for each computer? or is there a possibility that the robot is only started at this computer?


If you want to run all Processes at a time then you have to buy 5 licensed for 5 different machines.

If you want to run in different time intervals then you can buy Concurrent user licence.

Please check below thread and you will get to know different licence models.

–usually a robot can be used only in one machine at a time unless its a high density robot
–so taking yours as a normal unattended robot we got two options to handle this situation
–either we can run this robot in all those five different machines in sequence one after the other using SCHEDULE option in orchestrator
–if we need to run robot in all five different machines then we need to have 5 different license for each computer so that we can connect those fivee different machines iin our orchestrator and run them all at a time with schedule option

thats alll you are done
hope this would help you
Cheers @erorowy