File Path not picked by Orchestrator as expected and Retry Clarification

Need some help.

I have an automation project to pull reports from various instances of web app we use.

Strangely, when I publish and run the automation from Orchestrator, it changes the file path to something like below (this is not where I want files to go).

Whereas, the expected one is below (working correctly when I use Studio):

Also, a quick clarification needed on maxretrynumber (2 retries) intended to be used. Do I understand correctly that when you run automation via Studio, it doesn’t retry and simply stop the execution of automation when there is any application exception?

Whereas execution from Orchestrator is the right way to ensure retry number in config file is used.



In that case you have to specify the absolute file path but not relative path.

No. If you run from studio also and it will retry if any system exception occurs.

Thanks @lakshman

Do you know it may be changing path like this. I have below path where I instructed files to be stored.

Report path = Path.Combine(Environment.CurrentDirectory, in_ReportsDownloadPath, "Repot - "+in_FileName)

where in_ReportsdownloadPath = Data\Temp\Reports (in the config file).

In the final advanced assignment, this was used and it was working to store files in the project folder. Why is Robot not following instructions from Orchestrator and rather creating the while project folder at a new folder.

Thanks for your answer on retry. But any thoughts on why Studio is simply stopping on application exception and not retrying. I am using transactionitem as DataRow if that makes sense?

Thanks for your answer. Appreciated.


When you execute a robot, it works stores in .nupkg folder not UiPath Folder from Documents. When you create project, you cann create in anywhere you want. However when you run from orchestrator, it pushes the package to c:\users\USERNAME.nupkg\packages not where you created your project.

In your case Environment.CurrentDirectory would be .nupkg folder

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Thanks a lot @Rocki_Jan

That’s helpful to know.

And would you know why Studio may not be retrying (from config file - transaction item as datarow) in case of application exception when Orchestrator does.


I figured that I was simply clicking on Run (which was actually debug). Running file worked within Studio :slight_smile:


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