Orchestrator Recording - 2019.4.2

Morning All,

I’m just trying to get the recording function working on the 2019 Enterprise Fast Track (2019.4.2).

Following through here (https://orchestrator.uipath.com/docs/about-recording), I think I’ve done what’s needed, however not seeing any actual recordings (and not 100% sure where I should be looking.

So step 1 - Config file, I have set the following:


My main question here is that path, is it correctly formatted (e.g. extra / at the end)? That’s currently a path on Orchestrator, is that where the recordings go, or do the robots need the path set there?

Step 2 - Enable recording for the process, which seems pretty self explanatory:


Step 3 - Permissions. Robots have Execution Media - Create

Humans have Execution Media - View

So after that, my understanding is if the job for that process fails, we should get a recording. Is that viewed somewhere through Orcheestrator or from the file path in web config if we want it? Currently I’m not getting any videos, and making a job that just fails is making my Orchestrator dashboard look bad :slight_smile:


Hi @David_Johnston

Is it on the Orchestrator CE? If so, I believe the functionality was not introduced for it.

No, we are using enterprise.

At the risk of sounding boring, could you give our technical support a chance to look at this issue?

In the meantime, I found one clue, which might be helpful:


I have got an open job with them now, ticket - 00054499

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I wonder what that change of NuGet from Legacy to Composite actually does. I looked scary in dev when I changed it just now. All uploaded processes had a small red cross to the left like it couldn’t find the package file anymore.

So I chickened out and set it back and it went back to working!

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I did a bit more. That setting tries to use that file location for all NuGet files, and presumably the media.

So when you change from Legacy to Composite, it starts using the File Location also set. The problem is you can’t just copy the existing packages over there, as the file structure is quite different. e.g.

Packages uploaded when set to Legacy:

Packages Uploaded when set to Composite:

So I think this will probably fix the media problem, but I need to work out how to migrate over the existing packages and rebuild the NuGet index so it all keeps working.

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Heya @David_Johnston

Your Storage.Location input is actually invalid - take a look at this documentation: https://orchestrator.uipath.com/docs/app-settings#section-deployment.

Try and update it to
“Storage.Location” value=“RootPath=D:\Share\_Videos”

Hi David,

could you share the update of your issue. this is my first time using media recording and have same issue as you.