Orchestrator Queue question in UiPath Practice test

Can anyone suggest correct answer to this question as I am not able to relate the options given with Orchestrator Queue features - (I might be wrong also… need suggestion)

Thanks in Advance

@Shuchi_Gupta last option

@raja.arslankhan - I think it assigns the status of “Successful” or “Failed” through "SetTransaction Status " activity.
Where does it sets Abandoned status?

Please correct me if I am wrong.


Hi @Shuchi_Gupta, I hope you are doing well.
The answer will be First option.

*Successful/Failed----done by workflow set transaction status activity as you said i.e. by the workflow.
*Abandoned status is done automatically by UIPath orchestrator because of below mentioned reason. Abandoned - the item remained in the In Progress status for a long period of time (approx.24 hours) without being processed;

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Shubham Dutta

Hey @Shuchi_Gupta,

The answer would be the First Option “Updates failed queue items with the location of associated ss


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Thanks…got it.

it is the third option not the last option, i did the pratice test a couple of times myself and the correct answer for that is option 3.

@SoreyJay - I think first option is the correct one.
In latest ReFramework document it is mentioned as below -

Geez what a poor question. UiPath needs to do better. It’s just like every other exam I’ve taken for any app, the people writing the exams never seem to really know the product, how it’s used in the real world, nor what knowledge is necessary for real world usage.

IMO there are NO advantages to REF. It’s an overcomplicated mess.


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