Orchestrator Queue Item "Progress" - holding value after status is changed from "In Progress"


I have noticed that when you update the progress of an item - it shows up only for when the item has the “In progress” status. As soon as you change it to Successful, Failed or postpone it, the “Progress” vanishes.

Please see the attached workflow that highlights the behaviour.

Many thanks to @badita for his help on this


OrchestratorSetAndRetreiveProgress.xaml (9.7 KB)

Btw, what version are you using?

I did two tests - one with studio 2019.10.3 and orchestrator 2019.10.15 and one with studio pro 2020.4.0 - beta 250 and community orchestrator 2020.

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Any updates on this? Thanks.

Will be soved in 20.10

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