Set Transaction Progress is not working in Production Orchestrator

Hi All,

I have been using the “Set Transaction Progress” activity in my project and it is working in the QA Orchestrator. But in Prod, it is not updating the progress of the queue item and the progress field is itself missing.

Actually, my scenario is to postpone the transaction to 1min if the required condition is not met, and set transaction progress is used to check how many times it has been processed. If it is processed less than 5 times, need to postpone the transaction else fail it.

Can anyone suggest to me any solution to fix the issue?

Thanks in Advance

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Hi @Shivaraju ,
just wanted to know if you have used any folder path in get queue item which is not assigned in current activity? can you please cross check with
it and confirm please?


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Hi @Shivaraju,

Please make sure the functionality you are trying to run is supported in your Prod version of orchestrator. As you are saying the progress field is missing, can you show us what you are not able to locate once.


Hi @sahad.kk ,
I have not used the “Get Queue Item” activity and have not provided any value in the Folder path for "Set Transaction Progress and “Postpone Transaction Item”.

Hi @Shikhar_Tandon ,

Currently, the version is 2019.10.15 for Production. As the version is the reason for the missing of Progress field in the queue item?

Is the QA Version same which you are working on ?

QA version is 2020.10.8

Ok, that might be the reason you are not able to see that field or your functionality in Prod version.


@Shikhar_Tandon , Thank you for the information.

Is there any way to check the postpone transaction that has been processed less than 5 times?

One quick way coming in my mind is you can pass a reference value to that queue item and lately you can check the count of queue items of that reference if it meets your requirements then you can write as processed or else not processed.


Will try to check and update you once it gets finished.


I have tried it and the count of queue items with the reference for postpone transaction is always “1” because it is updating the status of the same transaction

@Palaniyappan @ppr @loginerror

Can anyone please suggest me any approach

could be the case (some issued within this area were reported)

you can check for the rest api option

But the recommended way would be to bring dev/prod ORC on the same level. So what is tested can also be expected as behaviour from Production

Hey @Shivaraju

I guess you are postponing the item after setting the progress which will make the item new.

As far as I believe, We can only set the progress for the queue items which is in In Progress state.

Progress will be reset when the transaction status is changed to new or success or failed.

Hope this helps