Orchestrator queue cannot retry transaction


I setup a queue in orchestrator 2018.1 with 2 retries but when i launch robot, no retry is made

Do i miss a step in setup or orchestrator installation ?



When you created the queue did you definitely select Auto Rety as well as setting the number of retries?


Hi Richard

Yes I did it

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The way Orchestrator retries work is that when the transaction fails during the automation, you will need to set the transaction status to failed in the queue before continuing. Then Orchestrator receives the transaction back from the robot as a failed transaction - at this point it will determine if it needs to be retried based on the settings above, and if it should be retried it is simply set back to ‘New’ and picked up by the robot, who essentially just sees it as the next transaction.

the reason i am saying this is that for the retry function to work you need to ensure you are doing certain things, such as getting the transaction from orchestrator and when it fails, putting it back with the transaction status of application exception, then moving onto the next case. let orchestrator do the rest and your next case should be a retry of the failed one

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Hi all,

As a further note to what @Djh says above. The failure status needs to be an “Application” failure to retry. A type of “Business” failure does NOT allow you to retry the transaction, as this is considered a business exception (for example your input data does not match your requirements and so is a failure but you do not want to retry)



Hi all

Thx for this quick reply

The failure status was Business indeed


Hi @Djh

Could you please check my post on the below link?

Thank you in advance!

i will take a look :wink:

Hi @Djh
I’ve already solved my problem! Thank you :slight_smile: