Queue retry

I don’t know why but I am getting perplexed at understanding Queue retries.
I am sharing one scenario below -

  1. I have declared a queue with retry 1
  2. There are ten items in the queue
  3. The fifth item encounters one system exception


  1. Will the bot retry immediately once again or it will do it later ?

@Ritaman_Baral Bot will create clone of it and place at last. It will process after remaining queue items

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  1. So that means at that time the transaction number will be 11 right ?
  2. For business exception will the retry work ?
  1. yes it will be
  2. By default, Orchestrator does not retry transactions which are failed due to Business Exceptions. This happens because an inconsistency between the transaction value and the business requirement means that there might be errors in the initial data which the queue items were created from. Additional actions might be required to fix this type of issue, and logging this type of exception can be useful.

Last question.

  1. I have set the retry to 2.

How this mechanism works given the 1st retry also failed?

Hi @Ritaman_Baral

The retry number refers to the number of times a failed process or job is automatically retried by the system. Since you are dealing with the queues, it can be set in the orchestrator.

In the first scenario where the retry number is 1, if a job fails, BOT will automatically retry the process one more time. If the first retry attempt is successful, the process is marked as completed. However, if the second attempt also fails, the process is marked as failed, and no further retries are performed.

In the second scenario, where the retry number is set to 2, if a job fails, BOT will automatically retry the process two more times. Original queue item status turns to Retried & a new queue item will be created. Let’s say even if that fails, another similar copy with the new status will be created & the 1st retried queue item will again become retried. This keeps on continuing for the number of retries that you have specified in the Orch.

For business exceptions, retries are not applied because these kind of exceptions are marked based on the requirements provided by the client team. If they suggest the dev team to mark the item as an exception based on some rules, then there is no point in retrying such data again & again.

Hope this helps,
Best Regards.

Hi @Ritaman_Baral

When the queue is failed by any system exception, business exceptions or by any chance. It will be makes a new queue and add at last of the queues. After execution of all queues, the retry queues will execute.

Hope it helps!!

When you set the retry mechanism to 2 in UiPath, it means that if an activity fails, UiPath will automatically retry the activity up to two times. It will place at last and will process others in this sequence, new-> already retried and then this one. If it again fail then it place at last.

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