Retry Transaction in Queue

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Can anyone share about the logic how orchestrator retrieve the transaction to process? Assume we have 10 transactions in queue and transaction item #3 is failed, in this case bot will work on the remaining 6 new transactions or it will retry transaction #3 before continue to the remaining New?



If MaxRetryNumber > 0, the robot will retry the same transaction which failed with application exception first and then it will process remaining transactions.

Else it will process remaining records. And also it must be integer.

Note: Must be 0 if working with Orchestrator queues.

@lakshman - that’s for ReFramework local Excel based retries.
Orchestrator on retry adds a New (but linked) transaction to the queue, with the normal FIFO, so it will be the last one in the queue.

So for Orchestrator queues

And for local ReFramework

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I got it now. Thanks for clarification :grinning:

@andrzej.kniola - Hi, for Orchestrator queues, i want bot to retry transaction #3 immediately when it failed due with application exception and then process remaining transaction
Any idea how to deal with that…