I am working with Queues (Orchestrator) and the REFramwrork. If i set a Retry Number there ¿How the REF know when to stop with that transaction?

I already check all the REFramework structure but only look logic for me when the REF go on with the next transaction working with the MaxRetryNumber in the Config.xlsx file
Can anyone explainme how is the procedure for the retrynumber using orchestrator quoues?
How it know when stop with that transaction and take the next one?


In the case of Queues that use the Auto Retry feature, the retying mechanism is controlled by Orchestrator itself.

So if a transaction fails with Application Exception, the SetTransactionStatus.xaml workflow will use the Set Transaction Status activity to set the transaction to Failed with ErrorType property value being Application:

When this happens, that particular item is marked as Failed, but Orchestrator creates another item, with the same data as the failed one, with status New.
If the maximum retries for the item is reached, Orchestrator doesn’t create a new one.

On the framework’s side, after the transaction is failed, it tries to get another one.
Depending on things like items’ deadlines and postpone dates, it can be a different transaction (the next item in the queue) or the same one that failed and that is now retried.

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Thank you for that explication, it was easy to understand.
Do you know where i can find that kind of information about orchestartor process? There is a document like the one that exist in the Data file in the REFramework that talk about REFramework but about orchestrator?

I’d say the best place is the online documentation: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator

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