Orchestrator problem

Hi everyone,am trying to run the process in orchestrator , in that process am opening some link in browser providing credential to it for open that browser .Its working as expected in studio but while running in orchestrator web page is not accepting the credential and flowchart is not working properly.

may i know what was the error we were getting

after providing credential logon button is not working properly in browser while running in studio its working fine and am not getting any error

Hope these check will help you out
—Make sure that the asset name in orchestrator is correctly mentioned in the GET CREDENTIALS activity
—get credential output variables are used with type into for username and type secure string activity for password to be typed in the login fields
—also the machine connected to orchestrator

Cheers @DivyaT

I will chick and let you know now am struggling in citrix app automation

Actually am connecting two processes to one robot is this causing problem because once application opens means no need to login and open directly proceed to further but that flow itself not working

You mean like you are running a job that runs two process
Cheers @DivyaT

yes correct


Hi did you check this If you have any idea kindly update