Unable to provision even one unattended robot in Community edition

I am unable to create even one unattended robot with the Community edition. I installed Community edition software on a windows machine and provisioned a machine for it on Orchestrator. Then I am trying to create an unattended robot for this machine. But once I do that, on the robot machine it says “Unlicensed.” The moment I say “Attended” it says Licensed. I want it to be an unattended robot. Please help.
It wasn’t like this last year. With 2020 version, this is the first time I am noticing this issue. How do I resolve this?

Hy, in the Community Edition there is a limit on the ammount of robots you can use.

In the Orchestrator, in top right corner, click on your profile icon and after that click on “Licence”.

You will see a screen like this:

You may have already created an Unatended Robot in another machine, can you check that?

@William_Blech_Sister, that helped. Thank you so much. It automatically created an unattended robot licence for the first laptop when I installed Studio. I manually went to that link and deactivated that unattended licence for that machine and it released that unattended licence and now I am able to use it for the machine of my choice.

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