Orchestrator logs empty?

I have production bots in Orchestrator running 24/7 however when i download the logs via job page. They are empty with just the headers i.e. Time, Level, Robot etc.

Any idea why?

sometimes when the data is too large, it will display the empty data.

I don’t know what is the data limit here.

Kindly check whether any filter applied in the logs page
Is the right machine or robot connected to the process
Is the logging level set in the robot tray on that machine

Cheers @J_Swali

hi, its nothing to do with the size unfortunately checked with our smallest production bot

no filters are applied, bots are all connected and “licensed” ? could it be to do with the SQL Database config behind Orchestrator?

is the log level set in ROBOT TRAY
for that in your machine search as Uipathrobot in start and click on the settings options and check under the logging level whether it is set with any log level or not

Cheers @J_Swali