Orchestrator license citrix clients to run robots

Hi all,

We are currently developing a few robots for clients who are working on a citrix environment.
Some of the robots are without user input and can be scheduled to run 1-2 times a day. (no problem there I think)

The other robots need input from the user and have to be started manually from within the citrix client.
What is the best way to license these non persistent clients to the orchestrator?

(via floating license? Is there any documentation that I can read on how to? Untill now I only found: “yes you can.” but no “how to…” :sunny: )

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Hi @JoVansant

Does this guide help a little:

thanks for the reply.

What I’m wondering is do I need to input each citrix client on the orchestrator?
I think the client creates new citrix clients on the fly as they have users connecting. How can I best register those clients as new machines in Orchestrator?

Can the machine-key be linked automatic?

Is there perhaps a testing area for these kind of setups? :slight_smile:

following the infrastructure training now this is very helpfull.


Just to be sure:
if I have >100 citrix pc’s that connect via the connectionstring to orchestrator,
and I have ± 20 people that can start a certain robot. (process)

can I do this with 3 Attended Concurrent-licenses?
(so only 3 robots can run at the same time… and if a 4rd tries he will get a warning or the robot is added to a queue or something?)

Or what should be the correct setting? (what licences should be used instead or how many?)