Setting up of Second robot in Orchestrator

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I need a bit of advice, the company that I work for has decided to buy a second robot license as the capacity of our first unattended robot is getting low.

What will be the best way to setup the second robot? We do have a second machine/server available for the second robot’s use. The way i’m thinking of approaching it is to download and setup UiPath on second server, log into our existing account on the second servers’ UiPath and then add that second server as a “machine” on the orchestrator. And then as necessary allocate “Jobs” to that second machine as required?

What is my limitations of what I can and can’t do? Is there better ways to do the setup? Can I run two jobs simultaneously with only one user on orchestrator?

Any advice is greatly appreciated
Thank you.


May I know how many Unattended Bot licenses do you have ?

If you have two licenses then you can run jobs in two machines at the same time else you can run one job at a time.

We have a total of two licenses now. So I can use the same user to run these two processes on two different machines?


Create one more user account and use it anyway you have two licenses.

Perfect, thanks so much.

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