Licensing Question

I have some questions to ask about licensing that confused me.

I have license keys for:
1 - Attended Robot ( Node Locked)
1 - Studio - Node Locked
1 - Unattended Robot - Concurrent Runtime
and Orchestrator Tenant


  1. I have activated the studio license in PC1 and able to works fine. But now I also want to run my robot using another machine, PC2. Is the studio license that I have can be use for different machine? Or is it only 1 studio license for 1 machine ?

  2. Let’s say only 1 studio license for 1 machine. Then can my orchestrator run with community studio ? Will it works like the licensed studio?

  3. Can anyone also explained what is meant by Unattended robot - Concurrent runtime? Can I build more robot in my orchestrator for Unattended robot and schedule the task at different time ?

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Answer: currently you have only one studio license , so that’s means you can use only 1 at a time, you can use your license in multiple machine but concurrently.
If you wanna use it on your PC2 ,you have to disconnect your PC1 studio license form orchestrator,then you can activate PC2 and use it no issue and u can use the same method to PC3,PC4…

Answer: community studio means something different, even you have the community studio and you wanna connect it to your orchestrator its aquire license form your orchestrator(you have to choose the connection url for your studio)

And other thing is we are not much recommended to use community studio development in to your enterprise, because it may have some differences and gives you some errors ,
So you can use community edition for experiment, but using your enterprise , pls use same enterprise studio version for development

Concurrent runtime means , as you mentioned you have only one Unattended robot , so you can run only 1 robot at a time , you can setup multiple robot on any machine as you need but you have only one robot so orchestrator can only connect 1 robot at a time and can be run only one.

If you try to connect second bot while you have already connected another before
You will see "connected, unlicensed " on your robot state

And scheduled, yes you can schedule the robot according to your process to run as you need of any time

Hope you got all answers😎

Thank you @Maneesha_de_silva for your explanation.
It helps me understand better on these concerns.

I have another question.
Can the orchestrator automatically disconnect the PC1 studio license and connect to the PC2 ? If I had schedule several tasks to be run on two different machine, PC1 and PC2,
PC1 scheduled to run 2 tasks at 8.30am, 9.00am.
PC2 scheduled to run 1 tasks at 12pm.

So how can I automatically disconnect PC1 from the orchestrator and connect to PC2 for after task in PC1 have finish running and vice versa?

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Something you need to know, Studio is only for development , not for production use ,
As the production use you have to use the Attended and Unattended robots

So according to your question , Possibility is YES
But you have to use Use Robots of Attended /Unattended not studio

you can create floating robot if you using Attended robot or you wanna testing using studion you can use development robot as floating