How to install two license in same orchestrator

Hi All,

Is there possible to install two license in same orchestrator?

I have UiPath - Unattended Robot - Concurrent Runtime (6) in one license key
I have UiPath - Orchestrator - NonProduction(1) in one license key

Is there possible to add two license in one orchestrator?
@loginerror Thanks in advance

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your license have different keys? normally when we buy more licenses they come with the same key as the old one and once activated it updates


hi @amaresan
yes , Its possible
but make sure that actually ur requirement is that or not ,
if you really need to manage 2 license… then…
you can use Tenant option
you can log into your orchestrator via “HOST” then you can create several Tenant and can be manage those by separately via each license

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Really , if I created tenant then I can install two license key ?

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@amaresan ,
yes of cause , why not :slightly_smiling_face: :sunglasses: :rocket:

What I thought is tenant using separation of our licensed robots…if I have 100 unattended bots then tenant 1 I can store 50, tenant 2 I can store 50…

Anyway I will check you method… thank you!!!

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Actually to do this you don’t need 2 license , if you have enough robots ,you can even register your 2 tenant on same license

But assume u have only 10 robots related to ur license and you create “Tenant 1” and on tenant 1 you consume 10 robots ,

you can register the same license with “Tenant 2” but then u dont have robots to consume because you have only 10 and u already used it.

Hope u got it

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