Separate orchestrators in cloud platform

Hi All ,
i have a question related to Designing the infra. I work in cloud platform where we don’t have separate environments for dev and prod. i see we can go by two approaches here.

  1. create sep tenants for dev and prod.
    2.asking uipath to set up sep orch instance for dev and prod.
    so far i worked with on premise , am not sure how how asking Separate instance would work here w.r.t licensing and what is the best approach considering cost and stuffs.
    one catch i find of not having a separate instance is , when we want to test something in the prod orch fist for eg :
  • behavior of bots after an orch upgrade.
  • changing the bot analytics from say insights to power BI or SPLUNK we need to touch the web.config which is same even if we have different tenants (correct me if i am wrong ).
    *in short keeping web.config separately for dev and prod is not possible.

Hi @seetharaman,
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I can’t tell you about potential costs as I don’t have such information. Regarding the potential approach. I think that you can have it done in two ways.

  1. Two separate servers. One for a prod Orchestrator, second for a dev one.
  2. One (or two if you are considering eventual backup) server where you have deployed two tenants in one platform. One tenant for prod, second for test.

In my opinion this second approach give you better control as you have both environments under one platform and one control center.

ok i hope u also kept in mind the point that we are using orch cloud offering form uipath

Ideally I think you should talk with the sales person assigned to your company. Eventually you can contact with our Technical Support which can help you with some estimation and solution.