Licensing of Bots should be per Orchestrator instead of per Tenant

In Orchestrator 2017.1 Enterprise edition, we have to specify in advance that how many tenants we will be using and Bots per tenant. This restrains us to add more tenants in future as it will be a license change. Also if there are bots available in one tenant but none in the other then it cant be used in the latter. Instead it would have been easier if licensing was limited to number of Bots in an Orchestrator instead of going till Tenant level.

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I think this is deliberate to prevent over-use of one Orchestrator license - e.g. across multiple companies. You can use Organisation Units to separate different business areas under the same license.

Appreciate your point though.


It’s a long debate.

When we’ve implemented multi-tenacy we thought of it as infrastructure simplification only…It’s a feature that let’s IT admins to manage easily multiple Orchestrator installations (only one instance actually)… and tenants would not share any data. Now, we’re reconsidering if we should go with units or allow the possibility of moving licenses across tenants.

From a functional perspective, I agree that you want tenants separate.
But there are reporting benefits to using tenants for business units within the enterprise.
And a true multi-tenant hosting site may find it easier to administer licenses across tenants.
So I think Robot licensing at the Orchestrator level (or at least the ability to move licenses across tenants) is needed.


Completely agree. Managing licensing at Tenant is lot of pain from administration prospective, as you need to finalize in advance what is required at tenant level, ask for multiple licenses and manage multiple licenses (i.e. changes in licenses etc.). License at Orchestrator level provide flexibility.

On bit different note, I believe focus should be to provide more features (to increase scope for automation) in Product rather than bring license management related changes - which are forcing customer to waste more time in understanding / managing licensing.


stay tuned for 18.3


I thought releases were half yearly :stuck_out_tongue:

we changed our mind :slight_smile: we want to move faster so expect 4 per year.

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I totally agree with you Badita. I find Units more useful and apt when i want to isolate data between business units. Plus it helps me in sharing the licenses between them at any point of time. But What I don’t understand is, why is it kept as an experimental feature ? This is stopping me from using this feature even-though I need it badly.

Done in 18.3 (Host Licensing)

Is it planned that I can share robot between tenants?

Newest orchestrator version allows to license robots at tenant or host level. If you do it at host level, you can allocate and reallocate your robots between your tenants.

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