Orchestrator & .json issue



Hi there,

I am having issues deploying projects using the Orchestrator, the following error appears when looking to run the process:

Info : “Execution error : System.Exception: Invalid package. Project json file was not found.”

Initially the project was part of a larger piece however I have moved this specific component out. This component is self contained and does not pull from another parts of the larger project so there are no conflicts and it will function when running through the studio part alone.

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Put a project.json file in the main folder of that project (sample structure below) and republish.

{ "description": "Blank Project", "version": "2016.2.6232.26817", "main": "Main.xaml", "id": "Your project name", "dependencies": {}, "configurationOptions": {}, "excludedData": [ "Private:*", "*password*" ] }

You could also just create a new project, copy the project.json from it and change relevant parts - it should work.

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