System.Exception: Error detecting project version in Orchestrator

Hi Team,

Am getting the below exception when I am running the job in the Dev Orchestrator , which is licensed edition.

My Studio version is : 2019.2.0- beta 6.1, Orchestrator is of :2019.10.6.

I deleted the json file of the pgm and getting the same error.
Can I know how to resolve it please.

devorchestrator error

Thanks in advance.


Remove the project.json file and check, Still you are facing means then remove the .settings folder and check

If you still unable to resolve then create a new Re-Framework project and copy the project.json file your project folder


Hey @ksrinu070184, thanks for replying. Will check it out and let you know.

Hey am getting still the same error. Even I deleted the json folder and created new framework too .