Error Running Process

I seem to be missing a step somewhere. I have done the following:

  • Published package into Orchestrator
  • Created new process based on that package, with a selected environment

However, when attempting to start a new job using that process, I am met with this:

Job failed. Reason: Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\Users\RPA_INTERFACE.nuget\packages\EACQ.Processes.IE\1.0.2\lib\net45\project.json’.

Not sure how to resolve this

Thanks in advance

Hi @Tyler_Leynes,

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It looks like you may be missing the necessary project.json file in the package you published to Orchestrator. This file is necessary in order to properly build and execute the process. You should ensure that the project.json file is included in the package you are publishing. If it is not included, you will need to add it manually to the package.



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Can you please delete the package eacq if present in the .nuget folder of your target machine…

Can you check if any firewall is blocking by disabling it…

Try running the process once from assistant

Also I hope while you published you did not delete any files in the process folder


Thanks for the support!

I have not modified the package.
In fact, when clicking Publish, there are no options to modify the package so I am confused about that piece.
Doesn’t UiPath automatically compile everything into the .nupkg? I have no control over what is placed into that.

@Anil_G I’ve deleted the folder and retried. There is no firewall blocking the piece being installed.
The Assistant gives the same error - it cannot find the file in the /net45/ folder.

I am not seeing a /net45/ folder at all under the /lib/ folder. I am seeing a /net6.0-windows7.0/ being created.


Can you please tell the studio and orchestrator versions…

And you are correct while publishing it compiles all files…question was like before publishing if something is deleted


Studio: 2022.12.0
Orchestrator: 2022.4.6

I guess this is the issue?


That might be the issue.may be the compatibility…can you try from any other machine where you did not upgrade the studio…or can you downgrade it?


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