Jobs in the state of "Pending"

I have a robot running successfully during the last few months. But since last night the job is always in a state of “pending”. I have tried to run the robot by manual or trigger but in vain.

Following items have been checked and confirmed:

  • Uipath robot is connected and licensed;
  • robot status in Orchestrator is available;
  • process is attached with an environment.

In summary, I did not change anything and, all of a sudden, it is not working any more.

Hope somebody is able to enlighten me.

Just notice the release of 20.3 and the underlined wording.

After changing the robot type to unattended, it is working again.

Just don’t understand why.



Yes we can’t run Robot of type studio from Orchestrator in the current new version.

A Studio/Development Robot is not intended to be used for non-development efforts, like wise an Attended/Unattended license is not intended to run Studio outside of some troubleshooting scenarios as it is against the TOS to my knowledge.

If you are using a Studio license and want to run a process locally, you can do so from the UiRobot Tray or if you want scheduling capabilities from Agent Desktop/Assistant.

For a bit more context, can read over the following thread.