Orchestrator Job is in "Running" status for more than a day

The Orchestrator job is in “Running” status for more than a day. I verified the logs and the run has crossed a few steps successfully but hasn’t been completed yet. The Uipath Executor is still in running on the remote machine.

I am using the community version of UiPath and the unattended bots are configured to run on AWS EC2 instance.

Any idea what could be the problem here?


Hi @Praveen8008 ,

Check any undefined loop are there in your project.


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Hi @arivu96 - It’s running when we run the solution using UiPath Studio. The issue happens only when we run it from Orchestrator. So, Do you still suggest checking undefined loops? I may need to check with the team to see if they are using Debug or Run mode to verify the process.

But if they are using Run Mode in Studio, ideally it’s the same processes as we do in Orchestrator, right?

Hi @Praveen8008 ,

Please check any email sending functionality is included. Sometimes process will stuck in sending email. I have faced this problem in the beginning. So check once.

Hi, @manjula_rajendran and @arivu96 - Thanks for your responses. The same issue was addressed in a different question and following the steps provided there resolved the problem. All I did was - added a Kill process to close the excel sheet “Excel.exe” before the place where the job started getting stuck. I will find the link to other question and will add it here for easy reference.

Thanks All.

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