Jobs Stalling but not Failing

I am experiencing some of my jobs stalling in the middle of the process and I do not know why. They do not error out or throw an exception, they just stall and continue running but nothing is happening. I am then forced to kill the job. These processes are also running completely and without exception in Studio…this is only an Orchestrator issue.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Is the Process using REF or is any state machine workflow type involved within the implementation?

It is not using REF. It is just a simple flowchart that uses Get Transaction Item to work with the queue. Then there are some invoked workflows within the flow

Ok, was the process ever running sucessfully via Orchestrator? We assume it is an unattended process executed on another machine, right?

Yes. It ran successfully via Orchestrator a couple of days ago and it is unattended

Unfortunately the answer is general but give a try:

  • feel free to set the loglevel to a more detail level e.g. Trace level
  • try to isolate the location of problem by following the logs
  • refer on the Windows Event Viewer to any logs related to UiPath to get some hints

Your description had some hints, thats why we was asking:

  • doing long running - sometimes lost in transition (not your case as not state machine is involved)
  • first run / new version run - Process Package installation issued e.g. due blocked internet access to the feeds and the need of fetching new dependencies (e.g. package version updates)

Maybe the logs will give some hints

I will try these things. Was just wondering if there was one clear solution. Thank you for the help