Job had completed in VM , but still job status is running in orchestrator. how to resolve this?

I started job from orchestrator , status is runnning
execution is started and completed successfully done in vm,

But status in orchestrator is still running , how to resolve this issue?

Hello @MitheshBolla

Is it happening for the first time or always same issue?
Did you tried reconnecting to the orchestrator from the uipath assistant. Also I hope have assigned the unattended license.

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its for all time iam getting running even tough when bot execution completed in vm.

if i kill and rerun, it will be in pending state and bot will run

In the task manager are you able to see the robot running? If yes, can you stop it from there manually and try to rerun the process and check.

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In vm , task manager is clear, even assistant also clear that execution had ended. but in orchestrator , still running

Ok…Can you do one thing

  • Delete the job which you are executing now.
  • Signout from uipath assistant and Reconnect to orchestrator again.
  • Then create the job again and try to execute.
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u want me to delete the delete package?

Package deletion is not required. Incase if you have created a trigger, you can delete that.

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I disconnected from robot
I deleted machine,
disconnected assistant.

created new machine with one license , assigined to my folder, and started job, its in running status, when execution completed in vm still it is in running status only

@supermanPunch bro any idea on these type of issue

Hi @MitheshBolla,

Does the run complete in the vm and the robot also stops the process or does it still seem to be running?

Does the uipath agent appear below when you connect to the VM?


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In attended mode logs are not displaying in orchestrator

Hi @MitheshBolla ,

Will the Status be Running forever or does it complete after some time? How long have you waited before you have killed the process?

Also what is the License used ? Attended/Un-attended ?

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license unattended, i had waited for many hours for status. status will be same, if i kill and keep another run, the status will be pending and bot will run bro

@MitheshBolla , Could you let us know if this happens for a particular process or for all of them? Or this is the First process that you have deployed in Orchestrator?

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all process. since 5 days for all process it has been, eariler there are 10 processes no issues, now i added one new 11 th process ,from that it started, i also checked with old 10 rerun for those also same issues