Bot is going to pending state


Although the robot is available, but when the job is created it only creates in pending state.

The process runs successfully on local machine. Please help me.

Hi @Sneha_1992

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Could you please help me to know that the Bot you are using to execute is “unattended” license.


yes @suraj.setty …If I trigger them manually from studio it is working fine.

Hi @Sneha_1992

Disconnect the bot from Assistant ,
restart the robot services using Start → Services.msc → Uipath Robot right click and restart the services,
and try connecting the bot again using assistant.


Hi @Sneha_1992

It’s most likely a licensing issue and the machine is not communicating to Orchestrator that it is available.

Kindly follow the below approach

Hope this helps Thanks

Hi @Sneha_1992,

Please make sure your robot is installed in the service mode and not in the user mode.

Please follow the below link and do the setup step by step.

I hope this will help you.