Job always on pending when launched from orchestrator


I’ve an orchestrator and an unattended robot in 2018.4.5 version both.

The robot is connected and with the correct password and licensed in the orchestrator.

However, when I try to launch a job, it keeps pending and it donesn’t launch. When I connect directly on the robot machine the UiRobot is started but the status is “Robot connected but not licensed”

Can you tell me why? I only have this error on this machine, other robots on this same orchestrator tenant work fine.

Thanks for your answers.



Are you using Community or Enterprise Edition of Orchestrator ?

Enterprise Edition


Is it working fine before ? Did you change anything recently ?

Hi @nSangui,

We still have an environment running Orchestrator 18.3 so I’ll try and help you out if you still need assistance, but the general things to check out remain the same from 2018 to the 2020.

  • Machine is created with a matching Name of the intended host.
  • UiRobot Service on the host is registered to Orchestrator using the correct Machine Key
  • Robot Record is created and assigned to the correct Machine, as well as the correct Robot Type and the Username is in the format domain\username
  • Robot is a member of the Environment
  • Process is published in an Environment that Robot is a member of
  • Enough licenses / runtimes allocated

Based on the information that you provided, my first guess is the Robot is not a member of the Environment that the process is published in. If this is the case the job when initiated will be in a Pending / Pending allocation state.


When you are logging into the host are you logging in as yourself or are you logging in using the credential that the Robot would be using? Depending on your setup and configuration, it might not show the correct status unless you are logged in as the user with an existing Robot Record in Orchestrator. If you hover over the status message from the Robot Tray, it should provide you with a bit more information to guide you.


If you can provide more details about your setup and configuration of Orchestrator and Robot, we could provide more insight to help you out.


I’ve finally solved the issue. The machine was declared on two tenants at the same time. So it used the license from another tenant and in the tenant where it must run the job was pending

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