Orchestrator Job always in pending state

whenever i try to run an orchestrator job, it always in pending and never executing.

It used to work perfectly but now its not.

The robot is Connected and licensed properly
Thanks for the help

Please provide more details about your configuration so the community can better assist you.

  • Machine
  • Robot (Floating vs not, Attended vs Unattended)
  • Folders (Classic or Modern)
  • Environment (If using Classic Folders)
  • Robot/Studio version
  • Orchestrator (Community, Enterprise, and version)
  • etc.
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I was using an unattended bot because of the new update.

However it is fixed now. it was a problem with the licensing. I disabled it and then re-enabled it on the platform and worked.

Thank you anyways.

but it keeps getting unlicensed when i turn off the machine. it’s getting annoying :stuck_out_tongue:

When i said licensed properly i meant in the robot tray on my desktop.