Orchestrator Installation, websites

Hi all

I need to install Orchestrator on a very secure Server, they have asked me which websites I need to access in order to finish the installation and activation of the licences.

for example for uipath Studio I know that I need the following to activate the licenses,

  1. http://www.activationportal.me/selfservice/activation.aspx?Type=1&cid=6080&pid=4283&lang=en-US
  2. http://www.licavenue.com

Can anyone advice me about Orchestrator license activation any websites I need to mention to them.

Looking forward for your replays,


Maybe I was not clear about the my request

on the part of “Activating and Uploading Your License”

The script calls which website to activate ( because they need to allow my to connect to that website)

while writing this replay i found the answer :slight_smile:

it is mentioned on the robot part of the Doc https://robot.uipath.com/docs/regutil-command-descriptions

I hope This is the only website I need to access.


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If you want to know more about Orchestrator and how it works, here’s the link:


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Thank you for the replay, I need to specify to the System Administrator which websites I need access so they can allow it.

i was not able to find it in the orchestrate docs,

It was in the Robot docs

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Ohhh i see.

Glad to hear that you figured out!


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