Installation of uipath stuido,Robot,orchestrator

can any one help with full installation of studio,robot and orchestrator . require support via call

Hello suree009,

I’m a user but @ovi has more details about installation.
Here is a helpfull link:


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And there are also the user guides with detailed steps regarding installation and licensing:

i am facing problem installing uipath orchestrator in vm. Unable to create a domain certificate which is mentioned in prerequisite of prerequisites-installation

Need in help in setting up orchestrator and connect it to robot

Please make a request here: Contact Technical Support and someone will assist you with the installation. Select Incident - Orchestrator .

Note: You can only make this request if you have a Trial or License code and if you have an enterprise email address.

i did he is not responding well…

From what I’ve seen, first you did not have the proper infrastructure(sql server). And now you have an issue with the self-signed-certificate but you didn’t mention the exact problem(as requested, a screenshot will be helpful).

You had a call with someone, right? In order for this to work(and for us to be able to help you) you need to provide more details like the exact errors you encounter, the exact steps you took while trying to install, if you have literally followed the user-guide and at which step you have troubles installing. Please provide all of this in the ticket you raised and my colleagues will definitely respond, as they did so far.


the problem is i cant follow the prerequisites steps which should be done on server side. Sql server was installed, Using a Certificate for the HTTPS Protocol- this part i cant do. when i tried to create a domain certificate, i need to select a certificate authority in the second step but i cant find any authority provider.