Orchestrator Installation in AWS leads to aspxerror

Hello specialists,

I try to install the Orchestrator in AWS on a single machine. OS is Windows Server 2016 with SQL Server 2016 Enterprise.

I follow the installation guide and the installation itself works without any problems. After the installation i receive the errormessage: > Server Error in ‘/’ Application.

Runtime Error
Description: An exception occurred while processing your request. Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception. The request has been terminated.

Do you have any advice, what could have gone wrong?

thx and greetz

Hello fraydex,
I’ve got no experience in installing the Orchestrator in AWS and I’m looking for a step-by-step guide. I’ve already installed it on a local machine following the Orchestrator’s guide indications but I’ve never done it in cloud so I would ask you what are the differences in the procedure (if any).
Many thanks

I’m having the same issue but in Azure. Same setup, Server 2016 and SQL Server 2016 and the Orchestrator is on the same server as the SQL.

Did you manage to solve this?

Check eventviewer and look for any error/warning of Orchestrator. Post results here.

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I ran into the same issue on Windows Server 2016. My app pool was set to run as “app pool identity.” I changed it to run as an account with local admin rights and no longer received the error.

You may be able to use an account with just rights to the install directory. Or, it may be that this account is granted the “logon as a batch job” local right and that is the key. I have not tested all aspects yet.

I hope this helps!

I also have the same issue! Any solutions?


Maybe is’s help. Open SQL server manager and select your DB, right click and select Properties and Grant permission to All item. Then save and try again.