Orchestrator HTTP Request- Delete Asset

Hello Everyone,

I want to delete asset from orchestrator using uipath studio activities.

Able to create asset in Orchestrator using Orchestrator HTTP Request uipath activity.

But unable to delete asset using same activity by selecting method as Delete from activity.

Please provide solution.


We don’t have any activity to delete the asset from the Orchestrator straight forward @Soni_Reddy

You can automate the robot

  1. Open browser activity

  2. Enter the credential using Click and Type activity

  3. Navigate to Asset page.

  4. Click activity to delete the Asset.


had you tried following endpoint?


Tried providing below end point in Orchestrator HTTP request uipath activity


For key i provided fid which displays in uipath cloud platform url(Orchestrator) but dont have exact idea what key should be provided in endpoint.

As in Orchestrator HTTP request activity there are GET,POST,PATCH,PUT,DELETE methods are available so DELETE method should work. Tried with multiple ways DELETE asset is not working kindly help and provide solution.

deletion was successfully done as by following activity and settings

the used asset key is the id of the asset that we can retrieve from a ORC Api call e.g.

Or we can inspect from URL when browsing to the asset

RnD and Exploration of the Rest API we can do in swagger

taken from:

Kindly note:

fid is the folder Id which we use also for the X-UIPATH-OrganizationUnitId but is not the Id of the Asset

@ppr I Tried with same setting but got following error.

Thanks @ppr for response.

Tried with same steps by providing asset id which displays while navigating to orchestrator assets url getting “You are not authorized” error.

check and ensure also the permissions as mentioned here:

What roles are needed for deleting assest, can you please list those for us?